Creme De La Ultra's visit to The Brooklyn Circus

It was a treat to have 'The Brooklyn Circus' on our list of places to get some new threads for Azeem Ultra to rock during the upcoming video shoots.

He was more than pleased with some of the pieces we acquired from their collection.

Creme De La Ultra
The Brooklyn Circus


The Rapture aka 11-11-11

THE Rapture . . .
This song was written, recorded, and videoed all in the same day.
It's raw and uncensored . . . pure. If you are offended by strong content, or feel insecure about your artistic abilities, DO NOT LISTEN to THE RAPTURE.
Side affects may include, hurt feelings, chills, and insomnia…
For those who have witnessed the Flag of Hip Hop loose its bright colors and fade from over exposure to the bright lights and glamour . . . this song will be a blazing fire. Follow it. Come home.
Regarding its official release on 11-11-11. . . some say it will be the beginning of the Rapture, spoke of in the Mayan calender, others that a porthole or stargate will activate that day, or better yet that some of us will begin a GENETIC change that day in order to be in tune with the new vibration or Age. But most say it's just another day.
Whether a stargate, a genetic shift, or just another spin from the moon…
Mark Ultra aka Az33m
Logos Navigator 7.
All Lyrics by Azeem aka Mark Ultra
. All music by Anas canon aka Beam Ultra

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current.

 Copyright 2011 © Remarkable Current Records


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